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Famly App

Communication is key in any relationship, and none more so than the relationship you have with your child's nursery school. At Mount Carmel Kindergarten we use the most up to date Nursery Management Software to improve communication and enhance the nursery experience for you. 

Welcome to Famly

Famly is a digital platform that provides us with an all-in-one solution for communication, learning journals, and invoicing. 

Parents are able to use Famly anywhere across all devices, free of charge. 

The app runs on computer, tablets and smartphones. 


"The teachers are professional and highly skilled. They regularly update us with our child's progress via their online system and parents can leave comments, too."

Edward B (Father of Child)

Parents can:

  • Stay informed of your child's learning and development through their online learning journal.
  • Receive and send private messages to teachers and management safely and securely
  • Report sick days and holiday to the nursery with one click
  • Get an overview of all events in their personal calendar
  • See photos and videos of their children's day in the newsfeed 
  • Get status updates and receive important reminders
  • Communicate with other parents
  • View their child's sessions and invoices
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Learning Journals

Every child has their own online learning journal which acts as a record of their learning and development at the nursery school.  

Group leaders write personalised observations over the course of the year which focus on different aspects of the child's learning.  

These observations can include photos and videos of the child and are sent directly to parents on the day they happen.

Parents can grant access to other family members, like Grandparents, to view their child's learning journey on the app.

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Instant Messaging

Parents are able to send direct messages to staff, management and other parents at the click of a button.  

This is a great resource for us when children are new to the nursery as our teachers can send reassuring messages to anxious parents.

It is more effective then sending emails or calling the nursery as the message goes directly to your child's teacher for them to respond to.

Parents can also contact other parents at the nursery; perfect for arranging play dates with their child's friends.

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Up To Date Information

It is essential that the nursery has the most up to date information relating to your child's health, dietary needs and permissions amongst other things.

Our app allows you to inform us if your child has any health issues which we need to be aware of such as allergies or medical conditions. This can be updated at any time through the app.

Our teachers are able to access this information in real time, using it to support them at meals and other times it may be relevant.

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The Famly App puts parent's in control of their childcare costs by allowing you to see your current balance, a list of invoices and payments, as well as other invoice recipients.

Fees are charged on a monthly basis .

Extended sessions can be booked as part of your child's plan or on an ad hoc basis and are displayed on the balance tab on the app.

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