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A Typical Day


Children join the nursery school in the September following their 2nd birthday. They are grouped into classes with other children in the same academic year and stay in these small groups until they leave for Primary School.  

Each class is lead by an experienced Early Years Practitioner who is supported by an Nursery Teaching Assistant.  There will be up to 12 children in the class during the session.

This approach offers children consistency and helps them build relationships with their peers and teachers.  It also facilitates effective communication between the parents and teacher, as parents know exactly who is responsible for their child's learning and development at the nursery.  


We know that happy children are successful learners.  At Mount Carmel children learn in small groups with consistent staff who stay with them throughout the day and form close bonds with every child. Feeling safe and secure at nursery is key to learning and is why children attending Mount Carmel settle in record time. Helping parents feel comfortable is also an important aspect of settling children and supported by providing clear and regular feedback of their child progress.

Our balanced curriculum combines both routine and structure with opportunities for choice and exploration. We have developed our own unique “carousel approach” enabling children to rotate between the distinct activity rooms and experience a broad range of learning opportunities every day. Groups spend up to an hour in each room interspersed with time outside in our spacious gardens.

When children have plenty to do and feel secure, they generally behave well unless they are tired or hungry. Positive behaviour is rooted in secure relationships with the staff and peer group. When we observe atypical behaviour, our special needs coordinator, plans and devises strategies and works alongside the staff and parents.  This way we achieve the best possible outcomes for every child.

Parents are actively encouraged to be involved in their children’s learning through interaction with their child’s online learning journal, parents’ meetings and daily chats. This supports a continuum of progress through experiences at home as well as nursery.


The children all tend to settle in straight into an activity on arrival. They move rooms depending on the learning they are doing which is great to stimulate different types of learning. My children have always come home feeling energised by their day. The outdoor facilities they have are also fantastic. They have prepared my first two children superbly for school and developed in them a great appetite for learning.

Nicola W (Mother of Child)


A unique feature of our nursery school is that throughout the day each group of children will circulate between the rooms, providing them with a broad range of learning opportunities.  Read on below to find out about which area of learning each room focuses on. 

The Art Room

As the name suggests this is where the children develop their fine motor skills through painting, drawing and being creative. We provide an endless supply of art and craft materials which the children select to create and design their own masterpieces!  Adult directed activities also take place such as cooking and using tools.

The Gym

Our largest room and the place used to promote physical development and gross motor skills. Daily activities include dancing, ball skills, music and gymnastics.

The Classroom

This room promotes thinking skills, problem solving and concentration. Children are encouraged to choose what they want to play with and to play cooperatively with their peers. They select resources from a wide range of construction, puzzles or small world.

The group leader leads daily small group activities focusing on maths, phonics or handwriting.

The Library

We have a large selection of books that are frequently rotated and linked to our monthly theme. Fiction and non fiction books are accessible for children to select and read on their own, with friends or with their teachers. The room provides a calm learning environment with role play to develop their imagination, build friendships and develop negotiation skills. Staff actively involve themselves in play ensuring a balance between direct involvement and quiet observation.

The Garden

The largest and most popular area of the nursery. Children play outside twice a day every morning and afternoon, all year round. If it is raining, we have a covered area equipped with sandpit pit and large construction.  Large climbing apparatus, tricycles and swings facilitate physical fitness, risk taking and social skills.

Woodlands and Playing Fields

Twice a week, children in the preschool groups also benefit  walks across the fields or through the woods for forest school activities

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