Animal antics

Posted 2019-01-23 22:19:50

They say you shouldn’t work with animals and children – well this week we did both! Pets week was a roaring success with the largest variety of animals visiting the nursery that we have ever had. The week kicked off with a visit from Pinto the standard schnauzer. He was very calm and more than happy for the children to stroke him. We had a cute guinea pig, two ponies, Goldie the goldfish, a handsome hamster, Moses the snake and Paddie the bichon. On Wednesday the children were treated by a visit from Ark Farm who brought an array of animals including an owl, sugar gliders, enormous rabbits and a hedgehog.

The children got so much out of these different experiences and were excited to tell their families at pick up about the days antics. We have been very impressed with how the children conducted themselves around the animals, carefully listening and following the instructions given by the animal’s carers. We had some really well thought out questions being asked by the children like, “Does the snake spit out venom when it is attacked?” and, “Does it sleep?”. A huge thank you to those parents who volunteered their time and their pet’s this week as without you none of this would have been possible.

Many of you would have seen that the photo order forms from our school photographer are out now. The deadline for returning these to us is Friday 9th November.

The weather forecast may be foreboding but that won’t stop the fun at Holiday club next week. For last minute bookings please call the nursery or send a message to us.