Mount Carmel at Home - 21/05/2020

Posted 2020-05-18 19:12:37

Welcome to Mount Carmel at Home. These sessions will enable parents to carry out fun and educational home learning activities with their children. We recommend establishing a routine and setting aside a time in day for home learning. It is preferable to do these activities in the morning when children are more alert than towards the end of the day when they can be tired and less cooperative. 

Share your child's learning with us by uploading photos and videos to their Learning Journey on Famly, by uploading on Instagram and adding the hashtag #MountCarmelatHome or posting on our Facebook page. Your child's teachers will love to see what you have been up to! 

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The sound of the week is "L" -

Theme: The Countryside

Today’s activities for preschool children

Activity 1 - One less than/subtraction

What you’ll need

The ‘One less than/subtraction’ print out, a pen or pencil.


Explain to your child that they will be using their hand to hide one picture and seeing how many are left.

First, ask them to count the amount in the first group (without covering any), then ask: “If you cover one with your hand, how many will be left?”. Let them cover one and count again. They should then write or trace the number in the box.

You might want to write out a number line of 1-10 to help your child visualise this.

What did we learn?

Mathematics: Numbers – Knows that numbers identify how many are in a set, shows an interest in number problems, finds one more or one less from a group of up to 5, then 10 objects.

Activity 2 - Grass Heads

What you’ll need

  • Old tights or stockings, 
  • scissors, 
  • grass seeds, 
  • compost or earth, 
  • elastic band or thread, 
  • googly eyes, 
  • felt, 
  • glue, 
  • a pot for your grass head to sit in.


Put 2 generous tablespoons of grass seed at the bottom of the tights (in the toe end) Then add the earth on top of the seeds until you have a nice sized ball.

Tie at the bottom with a knot to secure the earth.

(opt - Pinch a ‘nose’ twist it and wrap and tie in place with some thread of elastic band)

Glue on googly eyes and mouth.

Place in a yogurt pot and add water.

If you have a long end just cut off leaving enough for the tights to ‘soak the water up’ or to speed the growth up give him a shower to moisten the top of his head. 

Place him in a sunny position and watch his hair grow!

Do not forget to trim his hair when it starts to get too long!

What did we learn?

This is a great science activity covering a wide range of learning intentions. Developing their fine motor skills, knowledge and understanding of the world. 

Activity 3 - Frozen Nature

A photographer captures stunning photos of flowers frozen in ice ...

What you’ll need

  • Natural treasures collected from outdoors.
  • A bundt tin or any container that can be placed into the freezer
  • The following are all optional: Medicine syringes/pipettes/water squirters/tools for hammering. 


Go on a nature hunt in your garden or in the countryside with your child. Collect some natural treasures such as petals, herbs, grass, daisies, dandelions, leaves and twigs. 

When you arrive home again explain to your child they are going to place these treasures in water and place them in the freezer to freeze them.

If you have a ring cake tin this works wonderfully for this activity or any tin or bowl that can be placed in the freezer works. Once the treasures are frozen solid they are ready to explore. You may wish to use a hairdryer on the outside of upturned tinned or mould to encourage the ice block out.

A close up of a flower

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Your child may wish to tap the ice block with a tool or drip or spray water (you could use a medicine syringe for this?) onto the frozen treasures to reveal each one, using these tools also helps to strengthen those fine motor muscles!

Warning sign Hazard symbol Safety, Warning Sign, miscellaneous ...

Please note: It is not advised for younger children to use salt sprinkled onto the ice to defrost it during play as salt + ice causes a chemical reaction which can cause burns.

We would love to see photographs or videos of your mini scientists on the Famly app, or through Facebook or via Instagram using the hashtag #MountCarmelatHome.

What did we learn?

Physical Development: 

We are learning to use simple tools to effect changes to materials.

We are learning to use one-handed tools and equipment. 

We are learning to use simple tools to effect changes to materials.  

Understanding the World:

We are learning to comment on the natural world and to talk about some of the things we observe such as plants and natural and found objects. 

We are learning to talk about why things happen and how things work.

We are learning to develop an understanding of changes over time.