Changing landscapes

Posted 2019-01-23 22:18:32

Over the last few weeks the children have witnessed a transformation during their country walks. The leaves on the trees have changed colour and litter the grass, and the children have watched squirrels collecting acorns ready for their winter stores. They have enjoyed building dens in the Fairy Woods using branches that have fallen down in recent windy weather and gathered up leaves for leaf rubbings in the art room. The children have been fascinated to watch the diggers and trucks busy at work in the adjacent field where a new housing development is being built. This often leads some children to use the woodland workshop in the garden as their own construction site.

The theme of the week was our interests and it was lovely to see such a wide range of subjects the children were passionate about. One girl said she was interested in space and that “Goofy used to be a planet but now it’s just a moon” (getting the names of two Disney characters mixed up!)

In our cooking session the children made scones. They had to weigh out the ingredients mix it together and mould into the right shape. Mrs Federici explained that they shouldn’t squash them down too much, “or you won’t have a nice fat scone”. To which a child replied, “You shouldn’t say fat!”.

In the preschool year we see a marked shift in the children’s play with each other from being mostly independent to mostly collaborative.  Building new friendships is a valuable experience for the children. It includes having conflicts and testing the boundaries of their friendships which is normal and part of developing their social skills. We often hear the children saying things like “you’re not my friend” or “your not coming to my party” when things haven’t gone their way, but we were amused this week when one child exclaimed “well you’re not coming to my holiday home!”

Next week is Pets Week and we are looking forward to an assortment of interesting animals visiting the nursery. The following week is half term and there are only a few places left at our Halloween Holiday Club.  If you would like to book a place for your child please get in touch.

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