Mount Carmel at Home - 26/03/2020

Posted 2020-03-25 19:53:15

Welcome to Mount Carmel at Home. These sessions will enable parents to carry out fun and educational home learning activities with their children.  We recommend establishing a routine and setting aside a time in day for home learning. It is preferable to do these activities in the morning when children are more alert than towards the end of the day when they can be tired and less cooperative. 

Share your child's learning with us by uploading photos and videos to their Learning Journey on Famly, by uploading on Instagram and adding the hashtag #MountCarmelatHome or posting on our Facebook page. Your child's teachers will love to see what you have been up to! 

Click here to download today's activity sheet and resources.

The sound of the week is "M" -

Today’s activities for preschool children

Activity 1

Kim’s game with initial sound “m”

What you’ll need

  • Objects beginning with “m” sound
  • Tray
  • Tea-towel or cloth


With your child go on a hunt around your home looking for objects that begin with the sound “mmmmmmm.” For example, money, milk, mirror, magnet, toy monkey etc… Collect your objects on a tray and sit together and name them. Once your child is familiar with the objects cover them over with a cloth. Remove one object and hide it. Uncover the tray and see if your child can identify the missing “m” object. 

What did we learn?

Literacy (L): 

We are learning to hear and say the initial sounds in words. 

Activity 2

A use for all those toilet roll tubes! 

What you’ll need

  • Toilet rolls tubes/kitchen roll tubes
  • Tape 
  • Objects to fit inside


Using double sided tape or sticky tape help your child to attach toilet rolls along a wall or a door to make a track. 

Encourage your child to think about how the rolls line up in order for an object to travel down them. 

Your child can explore placing objects down the rolls such as small Easter eggs, a scrunched-up ball of paper, toy cars etc… 

*Your child may wish to colour the toilet rolls before placing on them on the wall.

What did we learn?

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD): 

We are learning to construct with a purpose and adapt our work where necessary.  

Activity 3

In the Spring I see…

What you’ll need

  • In the Spring I see sheet. 
  • Drawing resources such as pencils, crayons or felt 
  • pens.


Now it is Springtime. In the Spring new plants grow and many baby animals are born. Go for a walk with your child (in your garden if need be!) and look out for signs of Spring. 

Encourage your child to draw some pictures on the “In the Spring I see…” sheet. Your child may wish you to write the words too or even have a go at “writing” themselves. Any form of mark making is great!

What did we learn?

Understanding of the World (UW): 

We are learning to observe plants, animals and changes in the place where we live and the natural world.