Parent Offer - Lullaby of the Blue

Posted 2019-03-12 10:56:13

Michelle Martin is a qualified Paediatric nurse and Health Visitor with 13 years experience and a qualified OCN registered Sleep trainer.  

"If you are uncomfortable with allowing your baby or toddler to cry uncomforted, but really need a good night sleep then 'Lullaby of the blue' is here to help. I offer a range of packages that include gentle strategies if your child is between 0-5years and struggling to settle to sleep on their own, waking in the night, needing to be rocked to sleep, or you are experiencing any other sleep issues.

Dealing with a large amount of families during my health visiting work it was evident just how many families required support and advice with certain sleep issues. With an interest in sleep related problems, I decided how important it was to empower parents with my knowledge and experience to restore a happy balanced in a family home.  

I do not have a 'one solution fits all' approach as I am aware that all children are different. I will take time to listen and offer a holistic approach and assessment to find gentle sleep strategies that will work for the whole family.

As a parent myself for 2 young boys I fully understand the importance for a good night's sleep. I can empathise with the demands and challenges to parenting. I will ensure that I am here to fully support you and your family through any difficult times you may face and with my reassurance and some consistency, your child will be sleeping through the night in no time!"

Offer:  Mount Carmel parents can get a free 20 minute consultation to go through the history of the sleep issue.  Michelle is also offering her main package (worth £185) for the price of a 'one off' consultation package (worth £100). This includes an initial consultation, a personalised sleep plan and follow up support.

Contact Michelle on 07734816111 or email