Smells and smiles

Posted 2019-01-23 22:16:38

We have been learning about our bodies and had a special visit from Bob, our very own life sized skeleton! The children loved using the light box to look at X-rays and compare the pictures of different bones with those on the skeleton. One child told me that the longest bone is the femur and that they had learnt that from a book at home.

The children have been thinking about the ways we use our bodies, in particular our different senses. Many of our activities were set up to test the children’s senses and make them think about which ones they were using. Instead of show and tell this week we did show and smell! A girl told us that she wanted to bring in her daddy but he was too big to fit on the tray…she opted for his smelly socks instead!

Our fantastic school photographer Brett Lenman was in this week taking the children’s portrait photos. Not only is he a magician with the camera but had lots of tricks up his sleeve to entertain even the most camera shy child and had them all in stitches. So much so they didn’t want to leave after their turn!

We are delighted to finally announce that we have been granted approval to open a second nursery school at Mount Carmel’s previous site. For the past few years we have been looking for a second premises to keep up with the growing demand from local families. Many of you will know that before we moved to Verulam playing fields the nursery was run below the Federici’s home by the traffic lights on Sandpit lane. As Lucia and Franco’s children have grown up and moved out it seemed fitting that our Mount Carmel children should move back in. The new nursery will be known as Sandpit House and our current site will be Kinder Lodge. More information will be published in the coming months.

The week after next will be pets week. We have had a number of parents offer to bring in their pet to show the children but could do with a few more.  Please get in touch if you could help.