Summer of sport

Posted 2019-01-23 22:06:24

It was the sporting event of the year! Parents were seen queuing out the driveway for a piece of the action and our little athletes were ready to give it their all. On Friday we held our preschoolers Sports Day which included running, obstacle, egg and spoon, bean bag and of course Mums and Dads races. The children impressed us with their determination and team spirit and worked hard to be the first to the finish line.  To top it off the children had a surprise visit from an ice cream van and were treated to a 99 flake or lolly as a reward for their efforts.  Check out the video from the event at the end of this blog.

Football fever has also taken over the nursery with the Fifa World Cup in full swing.  Many of the children have been talking about the matches they have been watching and the teams that they are supporting.  Penalty shootouts and football matches were played throughout the week with many of the children keen to show off their skills.  As the weather has been so glorious the past few weeks the children have spent lots of time doing activities in the garden.  We have been grateful to the parents for bringing in hats and putting suncream on their child before each session.  The smell of suncream was so strong in the garden that one child remarked “it smells like holidays out here”!

The children couldn’t believe their luck this week when they discovered that Miss Natalie had set up a sweet shop in the classroom. They had to choose from a range of sweets, read the price and then count out the correct amount of pennies to pay her.

Next week’s sound is v.